#032 The Substance of Communion


Rev Lindsey Peterson:

Before coronavirus disrupted things, we were inside of Lent, and in fact indeed we still are. Today, March 22nd is the fourth Sunday of Lent. Back in the sanctuary, I was beginning a Lenten sermon series … Read more...

#031 Reframing Power



So I’m planning this event. It’s scheduled for May 16th. If we’re fabulously good with maintaining the six-foot perimeter from each other and not congregating in groups, self-isolating in our own homes, and maintaining social ties through social media, … Read more...

#033 Sermon: Listening


Rev Lindsey:                         The old, old story of Jesus’ endless love, it doesn’t find us when we’re in glory. It finds us in the wilderness. The story of Jesus’ endless love finds us in the wilderness. We are in the season … Read more...

#030 Interpreting and Team Science

This episode of Structures of Interaction is an excerpt of Steph’s responses to an interview about sign language interpreting with Emily Ayshford, a journalist for the science magazine, Symmetry. Symmetry is a publication for the global community of scientists and engineers … Read more...

#029 Whistleblowing: A Conventional Act of Return


Definition of a Whistleblower, by Edward Snowden, from Permanent Record, page 238 to 239.

“A ‘whistleblower,’ in my definition, is a person who through hard experience has concluded that their life inside an institution has become incompatible with the principles … Read more...

#028 A Never-Ending Census


Steph: This is an excerpt from Permanent Record by Edward Snowden, beginning on page 182.

“I think often of what’s called the “atomic moment”–a phrase that in physics describes the moment when a nucleus coheres, the protons and neutrons spinning … Read more...

#025 Queer Faith: Grounded


Rev. Lindsey Peterson:

Welcome everyone.

Welcome everyone to Queer Faith. Welcome all of you.

Thank you so much for coming out tonight and for creating this Queer Faith community together. How many of you have been to Queer Faith before? … Read more...



Steph: This is an excerpt from Permanent Record by Edward Snowden, beginning on page 175.

It was only later, long after I’d forgotten about the missing Inspector General report, that the classified version came skimming across my desktop, as if … Read more...

#023 Black Elk


This is the preface to The Sacred Pipe, Black Elk’s Account of the Seven Rites of the Oglala Sioux.

Black Elk first became known to a wide range of readers in 1932 through John G. Neihardt’s Black Elk Read more...

021 The System, Snowden Chapter 11


The System.

I’m going to press pause here for a moment to explain something about my politics at age 22. I didn’t have any. Instead, like most young people, I had solid convictions that I refused to accept weren’t truly … Read more...