Phantoms in the Brain

(As if I have time for leisure reading, but when I do, Phantoms in the Brain : Probing the Mysteries of the Human Mind looks like a winner.
It’s definitely timely, as I wax and wane between what can only be empirically described as fantasy yet feels, phenomenologically, like a vision of the future. I know it’s only a potential … Read more...

on whiteness

I think it was Peter Flynn from Paula’s class last semester who had a book by David Roediger with him. Definitely stuff to check out:
Colored White: Transcending the Racial Past
The Wages of Whiteness
Whiteness of a Different Color traces European immigration to the U.S., 1840’s-1920’s. When the “roots” of the legacies us white folks have inherited were deeply … Read more...

“best ethnography”

Jung Yup told me Learning to Labor is the best ethnography he’s ever read, because it fully contexts the microsocial within a political economy (at least, this is what I understood from our conversation).
I’ve found a follow-up Learning to Labor in New Times that lauds the original book and updates it through a series of essays that might also … Read more...