#033 Sermon: Listening


Rev Lindsey:                         The old, old story of Jesus’ endless love, it doesn’t find us when we’re in glory. It finds us in the wilderness. The story of Jesus’ endless love finds us in the wilderness. We … Read more...

022 Sermon – Humble Yourself



The image that I want you to let hang out there in the back of your mind as I preach from the Scripture is “the one who prostrates himself at Jesus.” So the image of down, … Read more...

018 Sermon – Bridging the Gaps While We Can

Part 3 of 3.


Rev L Peterson:                  There’s a finiteness. It’s very clear in this Scripture from Luke today. There’s this reality of our actions and our inactions today yielding a future that has a finiteness to … Read more...

016 Sermon – Everything About Jesus is Political

Part 2 of 3.


Rev L. Peterson:                 Everything about Jesus is political.

Everything about Jesus is political.

Jesus turned over the tables of the money lenders. You know that story in the temple? Jesus healed on the … Read more...