a critical rhetor?

THIS seems like who I want to be: “the critic needs an enormous amount of ‘Negative Capability’: the ability to exist ‘in uncertainties, mysteries, doubts, without any irritable reaching after fact and reason’ (Dewey, 1934, p.33)” (121).
“…the intent of a critical servant [is] no less subject to critique than the actions/he proposed…….the critical rhetor takes on a more specific … Read more...

Reflexive and (sometimes) tragic

“There are times in life when the question of knowing if one can think differently than one thinks, and perceive differently than one sees, is absolutely necessary if one is to go on looking and reflecting at all.”
Michel Foucault, The Use of Pleasure.
“But every place she went
they pushed her to the other side
and that other …


Some quotes that illuminate last night’s (wee hours of this morning, actually) existential crisis:
“…failures to bridge the gap between a lived practice and a noncorresponding ideology…the contradiction is between a a moral sense of ‘what should be done’ and ‘what is being done’ (p. 280). The contradiction is mediated, both in the life of the individual and within the … Read more...


It happened. Last night. I turned away from the sink and caught a sideways glance and there they were. Wrinkles around my eyes. ­čÖé
People have consistently taken me for several years younger than I really am. Not any more!
Danny, Srinivas, and Qianqing were there for the celebration – a beer in the Blue Wall. Ooooo baby!… Read more...

being a critic

I had a revelation in the SOM class yesterday, an outgrow of the paper we just did, but also I think the stabilization of a conception that’s been percolating for awhile (influenced significantly by Stephen’s rhetoric class, in addition to other, longer-term inputs). One of my hesitations with seeking serious leadership roles has been a concern for wielding power responsibly; … Read more...


{But could lose it, third time I’ve tried to make this entry!}
Feeling good. Making some unconventional decisions (at home, in school) and have got increasing energy and optimism. Yeah!
School’s going well, the mentoring project is rocking…good momentum, I think. Worried a bit about faculty coming on Nov 2, but hope by then they are curious enough to make … Read more...

Will hang with the “spirituality

Will hang with the “spirituality group” this Friday night, just warned them about the Brocken Hexe I brought back for us from Germany. Maybe we’ll plan something for next spring to celebrate Walpurgisnacht.
I’m going to miss this event in a couple of weeks because of a taping session for the mentoring project (I’m not complaining!), but someday I’ll … Read more...

Plunging! The last two days

The last two days I’ve received a number of compliments about my appearance. Once in a great while someone says something about my eyes, but I can’t recall a flurry like this. What’s up? [the FP] said maybe I’m more at peace with myself? Ha! I’ve felt intensely sad the past week, convinced I’ll never feel loved enough, that … Read more...