DOA 4 Review

“Whoa! It demonstrates how to do it! That’s new.”
“That’s cool.”
“The graphics aren’t as good, do you see that?”
“Can anybody hear me?”
“That’s weird.” What does that mean? It had Y button with like an arrow down. Just do the move. huh. Oh that was cool!
“Oh wow, what was it?!”
“That’s new.” “That’s cool!”…


Both of them are a trip. Separately and together. Austin took us on the scenic route to Waid’s for breakfast that just happened to take us by GameStop where the new release of DOA 4 awaited. 🙂 I really enjoyed watching him play last night, shifting between female and male characters and winning every single game. He explained a lot … Read more...


Jesus Evil Kachina tells me one ought to communicate only that which rises to the top.
I arrived in KC to surprise my nephews and sister-in-law. Dad had a few hours warning. 🙂 The youngest’s eyes just about popped out of his head when I told him who I was. Yes, it’s been that long. I’m getting lessons in PSP, … Read more...