the absent birthday boy

We had fallen asleep to the sensory overload of Grievous. Obviously not quite with it, we left five items in the hotel room (all mailed to us free of charge once we realized – days later).
The Aquarium just wasn’t a suitable substitute for that darn boy. We missed his sense of humor throughout the trip. Rumor has it … Read more...

Alec Richard Kent

Alec’s remains were buried at the Mt. Moriah Cemetary at three this afternoon. Most of the family and many friends attended. Later in the evening, we read through some of Alec’s poems (A Boy, Searching, Mind or Body, When someone dies, Races, Polite… or not), cartoons (Lord Chippy versus Luke Skycrapper), and elementary school writing:

Did the which

the worst news

“Alec had an accident on the trampoline. He did not survive. He passed away.” My brother’s tone on voicemail was steady but laced with agony. I faltered, walking from interpreting linear algebra to a course director meeting. “We don’t know what we’re doing yet. It just happened six hours ago. We’re calling to let everyone know.”
What can I do?


Yesterday I relaxed. Spent time with friends. Walked in the woods. Ate good food. Saw a decidedly unedifying movie. Stayed up too late. Have been considering when to post about Alec – my experience of hearing the news, the moments that bit the worst . . . etc.
It is beautiful late summer/early fall: shorts-weather yet the trees begin … Read more...

Making friends with doorknobs

The Rev. Bart Hildreth credited one of Alec’s uncles with saying he could make friends with a doorknob. It was one of many comments that elicited laughter from everyone gathered to commemorate Alec’s life. A bunch of people liked my words,
but there is no doubt that Charlie gave the best speech.
(If you’ve ever listened to him …