thin-slicing (DUO)

I made many quick decisions based on brief encounters during this conference – about people’s character, ambitions, and intentions. Reciprocally, many of the people I met made similar judgments about me, particularly in regard to “being blogged.” This was “thin-slicing” in action.
One of the examples used by Malcolm Gladwell in his book, Blink, on the ways … Read more...

Independent Nation of Hawai’i (DUO)

“How do you foresee the transition?”
A U.S. military commander asked this question after watching Keanu Sai‘s presentation on the occupation of Hawai’i: “American Occupation of the Hawaiian State: A Century Unchecked.” I was moved to laughter throughout these three presentations today and the talk and video last night.

“Hawai’i today still exists
as an
independent and

Turning disagreement to dialogue (DUO)

I watched with dismay as the “peaceniks” broke off into a huddle after Fred Odisho‘s presentation on “Discourse During Insurgency/Counterinsurgency: The Importance of Achieving Communication Superiority in Gaining the Support of the People.” In the front of the room was another huddle &emdash; all men, most of them big &emdash; talking with this Iraqi military officer. I joined the … Read more...

Polycentricity (DUO)

I’m not satisfied with the presentation; it was too shallow. The one question I received basically asked, What’s the point? Specifically (paraphrased), “what is the connection between the media artifacts analyzed by your multinational, multilingual team and the reflexive summary of group process?” I had thought (albeit vaguely) that I was enacting “polycentricity” by folding two presentations (two “centers”) … Read more...

Decentering Conflictual Discourse (DUO)

Utilizing critical discourse analysis, this paper examines the discourse of transaction in headline stories in four different languages &emdash; Finnish, Swedish, Persian (Iran) and US English &emdash; regarding the 2005 Israeli pullout from Neve Dekalim in which Jewish settlers resisted relocation. A textual analysis yields themes (indexes and icons) that are intertextual.
Intertextuality, as conceptualized by …