demise of closed captions?

The US Department of Education under President Bush’s Administration is looking to cut closed captioning for almost 200 TV shows since it believes that the shows are not approrpiate for captioning due to lack of “educational and informative means.”
Caption Cutback is Major Setback
Television Captioning Censorship Hurts Family Values.
From David via the DeafVermont listserv.…

NAD’s 2003 “report”

The National Association of the Deaf announces several accomplishments:
The NAD is proud to note that we’re ending 2003 strongly with:
* a victory for captioning recognition in TV Guide.
* the exciting announcement that the NAD Youth
Leadership Camp
will celebrate its 35th year
anniversary in Florida.
* the announcement of a model ADA policy for trade and… Read more...

criticizing Deaf education

Pamela Wright-Meinhardt
I’m so frustrated with this topic, from work related issues as well as
things that I have read, that I absolutely have to crawl out of my
carpal tunnel induced dexterity-impaired haze to poke away at the
keyboard and continue my haphazard series. There’s obviously a need for
people outside the “deaf education …

ring baloney

Christopher Jon Heuer
He Wrote About Ring Baloney and Disappeared
This is my version of hell: I’m condemned to float around for eternity
on a giant piece of ring baloney in a huge subterranean cavern that’s
half-filled with ring baloney juice. The steam rising from the
bottomless depths sticks to my skin like a wet rubber … Read more...

No “President” Gallimore

Laurene informs me that under no circumstances does she want to become the next president of Gallaudet. I accept her choice. It makes sense – she spent a decade (or more?) jumping through adminstrative hoops in order to get to where she is now, why should she give it up after only a few years?
Perhaps another opportunity will come …

a critical rhetor?

THIS seems like who I want to be: “the critic needs an enormous amount of ‘Negative Capability’: the ability to exist ‘in uncertainties, mysteries, doubts, without any irritable reaching after fact and reason’ (Dewey, 1934, p.33)” (121).
“…the intent of a critical servant [is] no less subject to critique than the actions/he proposed…….the critical rhetor takes on a more specific … Read more...