#042: MaddAddam, Riots

An excerpt from MaddAddam by Margaret Atwood, p.33, read by Steph.


“Physical objects have shacked their tethers; mine, yours, his, hers, and they’ve gone wandering off on their own. It’s like the aftermath of those riots … Read more...

#041 Good Medicine – Braiding Sweetgrass


“You can’t listen to the Thanksgiving Address without feeling wealthy. And, while expressing gratitude seems innocent enough, it is a revolutionary idea. In a consumer society, contentment is a radical proposition. Recognizing abundance rather than scarcity undermines … Read more...

#040 Maple Sugaring – Braiding Sweetgrass


“When my daughters remember our sugaring adventure now, they roll their eyes and groan, ‘That was I much work!’ They remember hauling branches to feed the fire and slopping sap on their jackets as they carried heavy … Read more...

#039 The Council of Pecans p.19


“The pecan trees and their kin show a capacity for concerted action, for unity of purpose that transcends the individual trees. They ensure somehow that all stand together and thus survive. How they do so is still … Read more...

#038 The Council of Pecans p.16


“Forest scientists describe the generosity of mast fruiting with the predator-satiation hypothesis. The story seems to go like this: When the trees produce more than the squirrels can eat, some nuts escape predation. Likewise, when the squirrel … Read more...

#037 Dueling Consciousnesses: White and Black

An excerpt from How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi, pages 33 and 34, read by Steph.


History duels: the undeniable history of antiracist progress, the undeniable history of racist progress. Before and after the … Read more...

#036 Leadership, Morale, and Time Perspective

A reading from Resolving Social Conflicts by Kurt Lewin, 1948 Harper & Brothers: New York, Pp. 118-119. Read by Stephanie Jo Kent.


An excerpt from Resolving Social Conflicts by Kurt Lewin.

“Leadership, morale, and time perspective”

In …