“2 hours talking about poop

Pete said it, summing up the party.

2 bouquets, combined SMALL.jpg

We started at the UMass Sunwheel circa 6:15 pm. The clouds cooperated, beginning to clear an hour in advance of sunset. The wind was bitter, though: fortitude was required to make it through until the moon cleared the 7 degrees of forest obscuring the horizon in the East.

full moon rises.jpg

Dr. Judith Young from the …

lunarly lunatic

Yea, I watched it: total eclipse of the moon. Propped myself up in bed, backwards, on pillows, so I could gaze out the window. I worked between gazes, some laptop project – possibly related to teaching? I can’t recall for sure, now…. been behind and falling behinder on the daily blogging routine….
I thought about time, trying to project …

an info-sec epiphany

from The Spymaster, a report on the US Intelligence Community by Lawrence Wright for The New Yorker (January 14, 2008).

Ed Giorgio, a security consultant who worked at the N.S.A. under [current Director of Intellgence Mike] McConnell, and who is the only person to have been the nation’s chief code breaker and its chief code maker, said, “Early on,



“Thou are beautiful”
“you are wonderful.”

“In the afternoon, everyone on the expedition was at the gully, sectioning off the site and preparing for careful collection which eventually took three weeks. That first evening they celebrated at the camp, staying up all night, and at some stage during the evening the fossil AL 288-1 was nicknamed Lucy, after the


not only about the sun :-)

The moon matters, too. ­čÖé
Today is a full moon (99%). “Campus Lady” (whoever she is) says,

“…the Moon, Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto will align into the shape of a Pentagram. This is an auspicious time. The Sun is arriving at the same time Pluto makes his grand alignment with the Galactic Center. Jupiter only visits


to lengthening our shadows (a toast)

We did it.

Maks, Pete, Renee and I rode the planet’s furthest tilt of precession, toasting the equator with cups of Holy Land Port Wine.

toasting sol.jpg

(I’m waiting on more knowledgeable friends to inform me that I’ve got “precession” wrong; just as they already have concerning the aphelion – which has little to do with seasons, after all. Not only

Row of fortune or Column of risk?

Christian posted this nine-minute video on Zeynep’s Wall in Facebook. How rational are we human beings when it comes to global warming? Do we debate the “truth” of how the future “will be” (as if any of us can actually know)? Or do we invest our energy in pro-action of least risk?… Read more...