“we are flying over a cloud” (arrival)

The spokesperson for the transatlantic British Airways flight proudly
announced Finnish, Swedish, French, Portuguese and Arabic as
languages spoken by the flight crew –
welcome to multilingual Europe!

I am being graciously hosted in a flat surrounded by the paintings of Tony Mafia. This afternoon, I passed a Ganesh Festival, and then found classical dancers had taken over … Read more...

waving my light saber

Robin, Tim, Rachel, and Hari were unaware that we were celebrating an exertion of The Force, accomplished earlier today with the incomparable technical help of Brion.
My first Flash animation was added to Reflexivity, partly building upon an idea implanted by The Lord of the Sky, that I really should try to make my … Read more...

la belle langue!

Last night I hosted my first Fete Francophone. My guests parler-voused Francaise off-and-on (they promise to exclude me more, next time). ­čśë Many wonderful language stories though – oh, the faux paux’s I can anticipate!
I was also introduced to some music (Jacques Brel, MC Solaar, and Les Négresse Vertes), a news broadcast (Actualités), … Read more...


There are concerns being raised about translating the research invitation to Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). My friends and colleagues composing the Translation Team (!) are encountering the challenges of linguistic rotation. I am borrowing the technical term, rotation, from matrix algebra. (Disclaimer: four decades later I begin to learn math!)
Which should I write first: the …

just a few details . . .

All I wanted was some help with creating a database and an introduction to creating animation.
police training.JPG.jpg

I was too slow to capture the half-dozen police officers arrayed around the entrance with automatic weapons out. While I was digging the camera out of my bag, commands were yelled and they charged in; by the time I had the scene in focus … Read more...

i think i’m pregnant!

Seriously in vitro, but not with an actual human being (alas), rather with potential for a new hermeneutic.
I started a Facebook group, Interpretation: An Action Learning Set. The membership is not intended to be exclusive although the primary function is mundane: basic written translation of a one page letter into twenty-some languages. If you … Read more...

an invitation to help me gaze

“Words. A world made of words.”
Ursula Le Guin
The Telling
(p. 111, 2000)

My dissertation committee is keen on the clarification of method. They want an articulation of what I will do as I conduct research into simultaneous interpretation at the European Parliament: particularly how I will decide what counts and doesn’t count (what’s “in” and what’s “out”) and … Read more...