Afterword: dead reckoning

“A telling is not an explanation.”
Ursula Le Guin

One of my post-sailing-adventure musings is, what if I had read Longitude shipboard instead of The Telling? 🙂
There’s no way to know, of course, what would have changed or whether those changes might have mattered, in the end. Captain explained how sailors use the variety of sounds from gongs … Read more...


Over the past week, I had a couple of long text-message conversations with a friend across the country, trying to sort out how to navigate the intensity of dynamics that had developed so unexpectedly. I mean, I came to sail, not to do intense interpersonal processing! Which doesn’t mean I assumed that there would not be any, but I never … Read more...

“if you live long enough!” (Part 2)

written 28 June 2008
The Haddie Pierce House
Wickford, Rhode Island
6:00 – 7:30 am

Once Captain was settled – after negotiating the steeply-angled dock ramp – Sarah took me to Updike’s for some internet time. She introduced me to Mike, who promptly dubbed his place, “Newtowne’s Coffee and Daycare.” I was in good hands. 🙂 When she … Read more...

“if you live long enough!” (Part 1)

written 28 June 2008
The Haddie Pierce House
Wickford, Rhode Island
6:00 – 7:30 am

Sarah poked fun at herself while showing me around the Gracious Lady. Her boat had been in the shop for two years and still needs major refinishing – enough to evidence a true labor of love (for instance, thirteen personally-applied coats of varnish on the … Read more...

of wind and water

written 23 June 2008
Allen Harbor, at dock
7:00-8:00 pm

You can’t get much closer to the basic elements of life than sailing. Water is essential; wind is the sun’s heat once removed. In a big boat, one can ignore the pull of current and drift of air – why depend on puffs when the diesel switch makes such subtle … Read more...

“the briny sea”

written 21 June 2008
Dutch Island Harbor
Narragansett Bay, RI
“All that ninth day passed in a trance of light.”

The Telling
Ursula Le Guin
p. 34, 2000

It was a pleasure to read Sutty’s phenomenological sentiment as an answer to my dad’s question (“How is the briny sea?”) in between escape attempts from Point Judith Pond, on this tenth … Read more...

“What’s that sound?”

written 17 June 2008
6:00-7:00 pm

Captain is not exactly fond of river sailing – compared with the open sea, rivers leave a fair bit to be desired. Truth is, sailing on the Connecticut River is what I know best, so far. (Last year’s one serious foray into the Long Island Sound was not exactly a party.) Captain is … Read more...

Captain’s prep (for sailing)

email, June 10

My list is finally showing the end in sight — just the big packing tomorrow, which can’t be done sooner because of the heat. For your entertainment, below is a list of what’s gone into this… The first things aren’t yet done — all the completed ones get a little “done” after them.

Manuka honey