“the long trip home” (2008: 38)

Beginning to read Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ nonfiction concerning Colombian drug dealer Pablo Escobar‘s efforts to escape extradition to the U.S. is intense. Not only am I still feeling the effects of a friend’s “news of a kidnapping,” I am trying to imagine a way out for the millions of Colombians who only want to go about their daily lives, … Read more...


Press Release about the event in Boston, February 4.

Logo No Mas Farc.jpg
Sign the petition.
Downloadable logos and images for t-shirts and signs (scroll down to get to the English versions), or make your own: white flags, Colombian flags, and/or flowers…… Read more...

Gaza: a man-made humanitarian disaster

I have two images in mind. 🙁
One is a poster I came across in Palestine calling for a boycott of Israel. The image is a hand dropping a coin into a helmet that is already full of money.
The other one is a photo of a small boy urinating on the helmet of a soldier.
So, Hamas pissed on …

weird twist of synchrony

I’m receiving quite an education about Farc while learning more about myself as a participant in discourses. Two of Alf and Ana’s friends have commented on my susceptibility to rhetoric. I need to be firm in my response although I very much hope we can continue to dialogue, even if dialogue with Farc is an impossibility.
First, Juan and Javier, …

grim realities & the force of spirit

I’ve just perused several blogposts about Ana and Alf. They are obviously remarkable people, their cadre of friends a passionate force of spirit.
A professor in the Social Justice Program challenged me, some years ago when I was learning about the range of discrimination and depth of oppression of people with disabilities – in particular, struggling with issues of accessibility. … Read more...

the bubble thins…

Friends of my friend were kidnapped in Colombia over the weekend.
Maria Claudia popped up in chat Monday, “Today is a weird day,” she wrote.
“Two of my best friends were kidnapped last night.”
“Oh my god.”
It is real. Violence creeps closer, no matter how hard we try to keep it at bay, no matter how thickly we … Read more...

Naming Violence without doing more

This is the challenge.
Non-violent resistance, as a synonym for peace activism, still centers “violence” as the standard. The force of much anti-war talk revolves around violence as the anchor, providing energy that feeds momentum. I have been puzzling over this discursive looping for a long time: all talk is subject to perpetuating something. That “something” is wildly out … Read more...

ever hopeful (Annapolis)

Interestingly, the Israeli press has engaged this effort seriously. Meanwhile, the main discursive threads in the international press are superhype (George Bush/America to the rescue!) and dismissal (expectations low).
This is how Bush got himself elected, if you recall.
From openDemocracy, “on the eve of” the meeting comes an offering from Prince Hassan bin Talal of Jordan outlining Read more...

“a conscious depot of history” (p. 218, Gut Symmetries)

“First there is the forest and inside the forest the clearing and inside the clearing the cabin and inside the cabin the mother and inside the mother the child and inside the child the mountain.” (p. 1, Prologue. Gut Symmetries by Jeanette Winterson.)

I melted down in the bathroom of Continental Flight 85 from Tel Aviv to Newark. The … Read more...