Afterword: dead reckoning

“A telling is not an explanation.”
Ursula Le Guin

One of my post-sailing-adventure musings is, what if I had read Longitude shipboard instead of The Telling? 🙂
There’s no way to know, of course, what would have changed or whether those changes might have mattered, in the end. Captain explained how sailors use the variety of sounds from gongs … Read more...

a bridge behind me

a bridge behind me.jpg
Captain got me a room at the Haddie Pierce House while I waited on my hero to pick me up on Saturday afternoon. He collected me from the Beach Rose Cafe, where I spent several hours – over three days – ensconced online.
Beach Rose chalkboards.jpg
Carleigh is great: “We’ll miss you at that table! You’re like furniture now!” (Hey – Read more...


Over the past week, I had a couple of long text-message conversations with a friend across the country, trying to sort out how to navigate the intensity of dynamics that had developed so unexpectedly. I mean, I came to sail, not to do intense interpersonal processing! Which doesn’t mean I assumed that there would not be any, but I never … Read more...

Imago, by Octavia E. Butler

The trilogy, billed first as Xenogenesis and then as Lilith’s Brood, closes with more insight on the human condition from the vantage point of maturity. (Am I a grown-up, now?)

“Humans said one thing with their bodies and another with their mouths and everyone had to spend time and energy figuring out what they really meant. And once we


Adulthood Rites

The second volume in Octavia E. Butler’s classic series on the Human Contradiction refers to coming-of-age. Everything about the series has been either nurturing or thought-provoking as I live an intervention within my family. Near the conclusion of the first book (Dawn), the human protagonist insists that the alien Oankali give her a taste (p. 226) of their … Read more...

My Friends

My friends
hold me in place
quantum tendrils of timespace
transcending difference.
No location binds me fast
only relationships playing the gap
between solitude and community
tracking a path toward the future
we create
deliberately or willy-nilly
a world of sane potentiality or
devastating unpredictability ~
Don’t lose chance!
Honor and uphold possibility
weigh odds of achievement
seek fractions of

Scissors and the Midpoint

Time to let the past go.
youth (head).jpg

It has been forty-five years, after all. 🙂 Given the average lifespan in my genealogy and contemporary conditions, I figure ninety years is a reasonable guestimate. Provides a frame for planning, anyway! I steal a sentiment from a Hallmark card: “I surrender my youth gladly; I have outgrown it.”

sketched by a friend.jpg