ReConstructing Mentoring

“When the dawn comes, the night will be a memory too, and a new day has begun!”
We have yet to see about the “new day,” but by most accounts the combo presentation/play Li and I provided Sunday about the mentoring project was a success. ­čÖé
Several folks asked about next steps. We have no further plans for group process … Read more...


As Farrell uses the term, “‘integrity’ deals with the way issues and positions fall out and hold up over the course of an ongoing episode…integrity is less an attribute specifically applicable to persons and their character than an emergent, acquired trait of messages that are presented and upheld in public life. It is the openness of a rhetorical forum that … Read more...

Representing a “Subject” of Mentoring

At 7:30 PM -0400 10/13/03, anonymous wrote:
I was a bit concerned about how, taken together, [the clips] may have left international students looking somewhat ‘weak.’ The question I posed today was “who is the subject of mentorship?” I added that I was concerned about representing the international students as ‘weak subjects.’
I appreciate that as an editing decision, this … Read more...

Metaphor for Mentoring

At 2:12 PM -0400 10/14/03, wrote:
Hm, you guys really made me think about an image that might stand for the
mentoring process. Last night an alternative to the bridge occurred to me. The
bridge emphasizes the individual’s road to success, and I was trying to focus
in on the ideal outcome. I think the ultimate outcome of an … Read more...

It’s a beautiful day! Was

It’s a beautiful day! Was supposed to take Sam for a drive, but he’s got a cold. We’ll try again tomorrow. Cleaned out the barn this morning; still have the garage to go…treated myself to an hour’s leisure read on the back deck, started reading Marge Piercy’s Gone to Soldiers while we were in Germany.
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Plunging! The last two days

The last two days I’ve received a number of compliments about my appearance. Once in a great while someone says something about my eyes, but I can’t recall a flurry like this. What’s up? [the FP] said maybe I’m more at peace with myself? Ha! I’ve felt intensely sad the past week, convinced I’ll never feel loved enough, that … Read more...