critiquing F 9/11

Robert Jenson alerts us to Fahrenheit 9-11’s subtle racism, such as the images shown of nations depicted in the ‘coalition of the willing’ (which did make me uncomfortable) and it’s overemphasis on the Bush administration as if US national policy hasn’t always been to subvert any government that doesn’t agree with “us” using any means necessary.
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Saw Being John Malkovich (finally!). Wild. If such were truly possible – my consciousness transported into someone else’s body – I don’t think my subjectivity would be unaffected because everyone would relate to and interact with the new body differently. I would have entered a new intersubjective field and this would affect my own perception of self…
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on borders and boundaries

Reading this amazing book, Where the World Ended: Re-unification and Identity in the German Borderland by Daphne Berdahl.
She quotes Gupta and Ferguson (1992:18): “we want to contend that the notion of borderlands is a more adequate conceptualization of the ‘normal’ locale of the postmodern subject” (p. 6). Berhdahl continues: “In this view, the borderland is as much a … Read more...

cbs vs moveon 2

Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 14:36:53 -0500
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Subject: Disc: MoveOn #7951
February 4, 2004, Number 7951
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Re: Disc: MoveOn #7950 (James Aune)
Re: MoveOn.Org/Irene Grau’s post (Natalie Sydorenko)
MoveOn funding (Stephen D. Cooper) (Phillip Dalton)
CBS censorship and MoveOn (Mark Andrejevic)
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