bilingual announcement (Spanish/English)

2007 Ct River Cleanup — Holyoke

You’re invited! Canoes, kayaks, riverbank scrambling, scuba divers — and a
river left cleaner than when we arrived! (To continue reading this in English, please look further down!)
Limpieza del Rio Connecticut de 2007 — Holyoke

¡Ud. Está Invitado a Participar! Canoas, kayac, cruzando la orilla del río, buzos – ¡y un río más … Read more...

Instruction in ASL

I should have watched these training clips about using a Blackberry before signing my presentation in class the other day! The discourse structure of ASL is evident in each clip: first, the point, second – the illustration, third, the point again/expanded. One can watch how technical terminology is introduced and then incorporated naturally – with the side effect of contributing … Read more...

Performing Research

I uploaded a five minute video of my brief introduction (in American Sign Language) to my proposed dissertation research.


The shaking in my hands and legs stopped about half an hour later. “Did you accomplish the effect you wanted?” a friend asked after class. No, I knew I had not created the simulation I intended, and I did not yet … Read more...

Interpreted Music

God is a DJ, by Faithless.
The signer is using British Sign Language (note the two-handed alphabet for “D” and “J”). He seems to rely on a literal translation, taking few liberties with BSL’s capacity to generate meaning beyond the coded English. Since I do not actually know BSL, this is just an impression, but notice the production … Read more...

Going to Iran…

some day remains on my mind. I was authorized to receive a Visa this past June. I really should follow-up with the proper authorities, to see if I can use the same visa permission in the next year or two, since I could not swing the conference I hoped to attend this past summer on such short notice.
In the …

Carlos quotes Fanon

An email from a colleague came with this quotation by Frantz Fanon:

I ascribe a basic importance to the phenomenon of language. To speak means to be in a position to use a certain syntax, to grasp the morphology of this or
that language, but it means above all to assume a culture, to support the
weight of