Transgender Day of Remembrance

Almost missed it. I’d seen this link to the Blogora recently but hadn’t GONE there yet. Thanks to Becky for sending it on. It looks a good un. (One for the rss.)
One of the authors posted a piece on today’s Transgender Day of Remembrance which includes some additional links, including this one to Venus Envy, a cartoon blog … Read more...

same sex marriage

Some stories posted on the AP already, and this message from
From Senator Stan Rosenberg
Knowing of your interest in the proposed constitutional amendment which
would define marriage as between one man and one woman, I am writing to
inform you that the Supreme Judicial Court responded this morning (February
4) to the Senate’s request for an advisory opinion regarding … Read more...

Opposition to Gay marriage

Tania, from the Social Justice Program (UMass-Amherst) sends out this email:
“The American Family Association has decided to try and “prove a
point” by having a poll on their website for folks to take about
their opinion on gay marriage. They intend to present the results of
this poll to the United States Congress in an attempt to instate a… Read more...