stray turkeys

You’re cooking Thanksgiving?!! Friends and family scoffed.
Do they know what they’re in for?
How will you fool them?
They’re foreigners.
Ah, they don’t the difference!
And so it was. I was “the man”, none of us were “unique snowflakes,” gender ambiguity ruled (although someone did refuse to toast balls), food and drink were consumed in grand proportion. … Read more...

Marriage – like Trix – is for kids

A witty rejoinder from Dan Savage about the recent Supreme Court ruling against same-sex marriage in Washington state:
“In New York, the court ruled in effect that irresponsible heterosexuals often have children by accident &emdash; we gay couples, in contrast, cannot get drunk and adopt in one night &emdash; so the state can reserve marriage rights for heterosexuals in order … Read more...


Disproving rumors that I might disappear after having dinner (compliments to the chef!) in the inner sanctum of Chi Omega, please note that I escaped intact! Really, there was no threat, only me facing a wee bit of my own historical (as in, when I was in college, back in the day) “outsidership“. Actually, some of my … Read more...

good books

I was asked about good books to read on the deaf community, and also about the range of sexual orientations… the context was something along the lines of Takaki’s A Different Mirror, which I continue to find an amazing tool for undergraduates who simply do not know these significant components of ethnic US history. A couple of new books … Read more...


The original crew of the Enterprise were my best friends and role models while I was growing up. Everyday during elementary school I would rush home to watch. I now have a hard time watching Kirk, but Spock remains an icon. I am still taken by the camraderie across supposed difference which all subsequent Star Trek series have continued to … Read more...

National Coming Out Day

Is celebrated every year on October 11. I forget what that date was selected when the holiday was inaugurated in the … late 80’s?
My good buddy Warren Blumenfeld, a colleague from the Social Justice Program at UMass-Amherst, distributed
his speech
via the social justice listserv.…

Leslie Feinberg speaks

Colorado State University is not earning any brownie points this year – first trying to fire Ward Churchill, and a few weeks ago trying to silence Leslie Feinberg. (I interpreted a speech zhe gave at UMass a few months ago; it was awesome. The speech, that is.) :-0
An email is circulating with the speech she did deliver; I … Read more...