“shoot the horse, ride the cowboy”

Andy, in the tradition of Andy Warhol, Andy Kaufman, and Mahatma Andi, read & rapped his poetry to the sonorous sounds of a contrabass and various accompanying instruments, including electric guitar, flute, and vocal percussion.
Given the fact that Andy and The Androids deliver their art in Flemish, my interpretation is based upon the one in a thousand words I … Read more...

a great spirit for life


What is that noise?
I was writing in The Indian Room when the sound penetrated my concentration. There were at least 100 horse drawn carriages calumping along The Stone Way to Mechelen (Mechelsesteenweg). “These Flemish,” I thought to myself, “are something!”
Sunday was A Day Without Cars, and also braderij, a regular fair … Read more...


Some days are just quiet.
I decided to play tourist and went looking for a museum and a recommended bookshop. I found a church! (Make of it what you will!) Street names here change every few blocks, requiring navigational vigilance.
St. Paulus.jpg
Some time thereafter, I stumbled upon a square, Mechelse Plain, in full preparations for an art opening, featuring the photography … Read more...

surrealistic Belgium

Phillipe, our tour guide, said “Belgium is surrealistic” in reference to the language alliance of the German-speaking population in the east with the French-speakers of the south. Belgium, he explained, is “a small country with complicated problems.” The majority language speakers of Dutch are the Flemish in the north. I will need to devote a single blog entry concerning what … Read more...

“we are flying over a cloud” (arrival)

The spokesperson for the transatlantic British Airways flight proudly
announced Finnish, Swedish, French, Portuguese and Arabic as
languages spoken by the flight crew –
welcome to multilingual Europe!

I am being graciously hosted in a flat surrounded by the paintings of Tony Mafia. This afternoon, I passed a Ganesh Festival, and then found classical dancers had taken over … Read more...

visual perceptions

Work on optical illusions show how the distance from which one views a face alters the expression you think you’re seeing. Some constructions are creepy!
I’m intrigued with the function of distance. Part of what me and my committee need to sketch out is the scope of the lens I’ll use in exploring the practice of simultaneous interpretation at … Read more...

Grip of the Committee

They did give me exactly what I needed during my prospectus defense, even though a hazing frenzy seemed to build as we spoke. Perhaps I still give off the vibe that being clubbed with a two-by-four is the only way to get my attention.
I had meant to mention my science fiction mind at the beginning of the presentation – … Read more...

Hoge Kempen National Park

A place to visit when I’m in Belguim next year.

Hoge Kempen is home to 6,000 species of flora and fauna, including endangered nightjar birds, smooth snakes and grasshoppers.

The music is a bit overdramatic, but the park looks good. A nice shot on flickr is more peaceful. The park itself is an achievement: created in the midst … Read more...

“2 hours talking about poop

Pete said it, summing up the party.

2 bouquets, combined SMALL.jpg

We started at the UMass Sunwheel circa 6:15 pm. The clouds cooperated, beginning to clear an hour in advance of sunset. The wind was bitter, though: fortitude was required to make it through until the moon cleared the 7 degrees of forest obscuring the horizon in the East.

full moon rises.jpg

Dr. Judith Young from the …