Interpreting Eureka! The Possibilities of Plurilingualism

Presented by co-author Jeffrey A Kappen in Copenhagen, Denmark at GEM&L 2017

“Revisiting Multilingualism at Work:

New Perspectives in Language-Sensitive Research in International Business”

GEM&L, Groupe d’Etudes Management & Language, is the French Research Group on Management & Language.… Read more...

“back to the base”

I hope Koen was being prophetic and not just descriptive. It is strange, btw, to be me!

There’s no time, now, to properly process the odd collection of blogable bits that I wish to re-compose, suffice a listing with minimal commentary.
Sunday: I missed the concert but caught up with everyone immediately … Read more...

Van Gogh and the Musicheads


“Nothing happens in my world. If something happens at my party, at least I can gossip!”
“Do you feel discrimination often?”
“Sometimes. I usually ignore it. Some of it sticks.”

“Horses startle themselves on purpose.”
“They must have a short memory!”
“I slap myself sometimes.”

There were more Americans than Dutch at the barbeque, but Juriaan insisted he’s not … Read more...

“so many good people in the same place”


Koen summed up the entire evening in a single phrase.

The Summer Solstice Celebration started suitably slow, the pace of preparations expanding to proper proportion within these longest days of summer. Although I had moved the start time up a bit (hoping to make the trip from Brussels more feasible), no one noticed. 🙂 The first guest arrived an … Read more...

a new attitude?


The first question directed to last night’s speaker at Frank’s International Soiree had to do with survival, the second with definition. Suddenly we were immersed in the midst of a dialogic surge with all the characteristics of the storming stage in group development. I immediately began to wonder if we could turn this to a sustained dialogue? Or would … Read more...

Science Tourism: Max Planck Institute


Ok, maybe it isn’t quite as exciting as the Large Hadron Collider, but I stood in the very office where Heisenberg worked. I tried to absorb any lingering quantum waves that might collapse as particles (in the form of a brilliant idea) in my mind. I did actually have a new thought about the dissertation today, a title … Read more...



I made eye contact with the Princess of Sweden! (Bright green jacket, big grin? That was me!)

It was a few days ago; I’m slow blogging…we had just stopped by the Stockholm Town Square. I commented on how small it is compared with those in Brussels and Antwerp, and more plain – the buildings are functional, clean, not … Read more...

the last days…

Wilrijk & Middelheim
photos from Brabant,
the European Parliament, and

arbor in Stillewater.jpg


We saw a strange movie the other night. I was wildly amused: although bored at times and put off by some of the surrealism, I recognized much that is familiar in Synecdoche, NY. By “familiar,” I do not mean flattering, but I have to admit that I … Read more...

Science Tourism: CERN


First, we ate at Restaurant 1; quality defeating PR at least for a day. “R1 definitely has the best food, but R2 has better publicity.” Dustin is an extraordinary tour guide, beginning our education immediately. “I don’t know how up you are on particle physics?” he half-inquired, scanning our eager (and no doubt blank) faces. “There are six … Read more...