immigration “reform” protests

Posted on Sun, Apr. 02, 2006 by the Miami Herald
Thousands across U.S. march over immigration
Continuing protests and marches across the nation are injecting the debate over immigration with passion and perspective.
Associated Press
The immigration debate continued to roll across the country Saturday. Residents in cities from Miami to New York to Contra Mesa, Calif., added their Read more...


“… Argentineans have overwhelmingly rejected violence and demonstrated a commitment to peaceful solutions.”
A student in my Mass Media class at UNH, Kirk will be presenting on alternative media in class soon. The excerpt above comes from Left Turn: Notes from the Global Intifada.
I’m curious about the history of the press’s name, when, why and how did they … Read more...

Tent State University

The superb activists at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, are organizing this event and have already listed it in wikipedia.
There is a listing of daily events, history, and explanatory material.
Mission Statement: “Tent State University (TSU) is a week-long, outdoor university with open classes, workshops, forums and cultural activities shaped by students, workers and community members. TSU … Read more...

management versus labor

Which side will you be on? Since the successes of the New Deal – when all of the US safety nets were put in place to protect people from abject poverty and unions secured benefits for workers – management, owners, and stockholders have worked to dismantle the laws that structure these mechanisms which enable the vaunted individual “pursuit of Read more...

Leonard Peltier

“I am everyone who ever died, without a voice, or a prayer, or a hope, or a chance. Everyone who ever suffered for being an Indian, for being human, for being indigenous, for being free….” The audio track continues.
Apparently there was a hearing on his case yesterday but I don’t find any news about the outcome yet.… Read more...

Fighting Xenophobia

The Immigrant Solidarity Network is organizing protests TOMORROW against upcoming repressive anti-immigration legislation.
Specifically, protests in Pennsylvania tomorrow will try to raise public awareness about H.R. 4437 Sensenbrenner-King, which passed the House of Representatives last December. According to the email I received, the bill will
***make any relative, employer, student, coworker, co-congregant, or friend of an undocumented immigrant Read more...