Hillary and $$$ ghosts of 2006

I respect this writer, Paul Rogat Loeb, quite a bit. He wrote a short piece on civil rights and heroism that I often use with students, and have been slowly working my way through his book, The Impossible Will Take a Little While.
In this piece, Hillary Clinton may be haunted by ghosts of ’06, he compares Hillary Clinton’s … Read more...

erotic and chaotic

“Erotic chaos and chaotic eroticism.” The little green man embellished my summary of Open Secret, performed by the incomparable Wire Monkey.
The chaos of modern living was most marked in the second piece and in the middle of the second act: we are “bodies against steel” intoned various voices as the dancers gyrated and collided with each other, … Read more...


My stance vis-a-vis the UMass Amherst administration’s decision to grant an honorary degree to President Bush’s ex-chief-of-staff, Andrew Card, was pre-established before the event was known. I was hired to interpret the graduate commencement ceremony at least a month before the decision about Card was announced.
I witnessed the swell of protest activity from a distance, observing. I did sign … Read more...

comedy or tragedy?

“This is not the kind of publicity we would ever seek,” said Phil Kent (no relation) about the Cartoon Network’s publicity stunt in Boston yesterday that inspired the headline story: Froth, Fear, and Fury in the Boston Globe.
I wasn’t there, so I cannot attest to the felt experience of the people who were frightened by the advertising or the … Read more...

ritual view of blogging

I’m observing a colleague teaching Cultural Codes of Communication. Homework for the first night included reading James Carey (foundational) and a series of questions, including what might be of interest for students to explore in this course. I’ve already snatched a quote from the Carey article for teaching this spring (!), and my brain is in high gear concerning my … Read more...

Index: Dialogue Under Occupation (DUO)

Posts regarding the conference this past November (2006), in chronological order (most recent last). I still have some notes I’ve been planning to write up and add to the archive. (We’ll see if/when I get around to it…perhaps soonish?)
February 22: Dialogue under Occupation (DUO)
November 4: Decentering Conflictual Discourse (DUO)
November 9: Polycentricity (DUO)
November 9: Turning disagreement to

Controversy and Communication

This conference on pedagogy next April is definitely a place I wish I could be, but instead I’ll be in Australia at Critical Link 5: Quality in Interpreting: A Shared Responsibility. I suppose I should not complain? :-/ (But when they finally get transporter technology, Beam Me Over Scottie!)
I submitted two proposals, they accepted one called “Interpreters: Read more...

Until tomorrow

The dirt path beckons. I infer comrades in search and pursuit of the potentials of slippage.
Institutional wieldings of strategy threaten everyday tactics. “There’s no moral high ground” among those exercising tactics. “Who’s got the will?” to perform “on stage”?
I don’t want to compete against the tactics of my friends. As in all good fantasy, I throw … Read more...


“ Some weird performance shit. Candles. Take a shot = solidarity for glass. Yes, a real worm. Symbolic. Monte Alban 100% Agave MexicanTequila. Honey-roasted peanuts. Two types of cheese (pepperjack, cheddar?) candy worms, cracker, lime, salt, apples.” (Class notes, “Derrida & Butler”, 7 December 2006).

We graduated from wine to tequila. Attempts to generate shame (who did the reading?) … Read more...