Hillary and $$$ ghosts of 2006

I respect this writer, Paul Rogat Loeb, quite a bit. He wrote a short piece on civil rights and heroism that I often use with students, and have been slowly working my way through his book, The Impossible Will Take a Little While.
In this piece, Hillary Clinton may be haunted by ghosts of ’06, he compares Hillary Clinton’s … Read more...

movement vs campaign 2

Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 14:17:14 -0500 (EST)
From: Art McGee
I’m sorry, I’m just having trouble understanding why you can’t see through the most important problem with electoral analysis: the assumption that distribution of support for a candidate will be equal across all states, and therefore, if you lose these initial states, that means you’re out of the … Read more...

more on movements/campaigns

A post by Barry Wellman on this listserv lead me to Clay Shirky’s article originally, now, discussion continues.
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About Iowa

A couple articles on the primaries in Iowa:
Dean, Gephardt follow different campaign paths and Iowa’s caucuses play important role.
Also, in today’s paper, Dean questions Nevada waste site. Characterizing Jesse Jackson in this article as an “up-and-coming leader” seems rather to negate his established leadership over the past three decades. I was a delegate (from Kansas) for … Read more...