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The miracle of the Fulbright grant fieldwork period comes to a close. I shared a last lunch & coffee with friends in the Parliament's canteen, after spending the last two days securing support from Members for the next action research step. Then I dashed across town to the Flemish Parliament to meet Deaf member Helga Stevens and a couple of her signed language interpreters. We had a great talk. :-)

The transition from the twenty-three spoken language interpreting environment of the European Parliament to the trilingual spoken/signed language environment of the Flemish Parliament has the potential to presage things to come. It seems unlikely that coming projects will be as complicated (on the surface) as the complex intercultural communication system being practiced by Members of the European Parliament. But whatever is to come will inevitably intertwine....

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I've been feeling 'the ending' for days. Weeks actually, since the last session of the Sixth Term in Strasbourg, before the elections. All results are not confirmed yet, so I'm still unsure how many of the Members who spoke with me were re-elected. At least twenty, it seems.

Meanwhile, The Beginning continues to unfold. To be fair, it is only "a" beginning, not the one and only, but a beginning that rides on other starts in progress and will proceed in - or out - of phase.

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