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"Simultaneous Interpretation and Shared Identity in the European Parliament:
A Look at Language and Organizational Creativity"

"How to make a shared identity in Europe?" Patterns of cultural interaction and, especially, the range of interpretations of these patterns, have profound effects on culture being maintained and co-created by Members of the European Parliament. For instance, are differences of language a problem or a benefit? Do the homogenizing effects of using a lingua franca outweigh the constant adaptation required by working multilingually? Discourses about simultaneous interpretation (SI) at the European Parliament (with its 23 working languages) pit danger and loss against loss and risk. "Loss" of fluency and clarity worries professional interpreters at the European Parliament (EP) and "loss" of direct contact between interlocutors (users of interpreting services, in this case Members of the EP) seem to express anxieties about multilingualism and possibilities for control. Understood as a practice of intercultural communication, the tensions made evident when simultaneous interpretation is used are a vital source of creativity typically overlooked because of conditioned (monolingual) preferences for using a shared language.

FYI, there is an official announcement (only in Dutch!) in the VUB's agenda online. The talk this Wednesday, 18:00, will be in English. :-)

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