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All I wanted was some help with creating a database and an introduction to creating animation.

police training.JPG.jpg

I was too slow to capture the half-dozen police officers arrayed around the entrance with automatic weapons out. While I was digging the camera out of my bag, commands were yelled and they charged in; by the time I had the scene in focus shots were being fired inside (rubber bullets, I presume).


(We went to work in the library, instead.)

A few hours later (on the basis of a social contract, because "If I put it in print, Steph will find a way around it just to prove a point" - can you believe someone said that about me?!), we headed out for exercise and our reward. Not that our journey there was without incident, either!

Arturo over fallen tree.JPG.jpg


The Chairman might have suggested that the gun is a better solution than animation. Maybe those cops were there to help you. Upgrade that digital camera to a .44 magnum.

Are you leaning to the mean side, Anonymous?

I am more interested in learning how to re-define enemies as collaborators (actually becoming friends is probably too great a stretch).

There is a lot of social and institutional momentum to overcome, no doubt; and plenty of models to show us how to persist under the established terms. I am optimistic enough to believe we can co-invent alternatives, but I do not imagine the process will be without risk.

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