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"I'll give you a push into the waves."

Renee, Aspiring Activity Director and Surf Instructor Extraordinaire

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Area 3 (not to be confused with Area 51) provided the backdrop for my return to Point Judith. (If it was not the precise scene of the crime, it was nonetheless crucially involved.)

After pitching camp and checking out the surf, we ate lunch, engaged miscegnation, plotted a plan to surf, and prepared to consult the heavens. Jupiter was going to be in opposition, and I had brought some spiritual tokens with which I hoped to dispense. How perfect could that be?! Jupiter, the largest planet, would be closest to Earth, therefore appearing huge : a fortuitous celestial coordination (why not?!) for letting martial bonds go - the idea of hucking a certain medicine bag with assorted precious stones into the sea was proposed, a goldfinch went wild with song.

I had a bit of trouble with the wetsuit, and balance, and staying above water (!) but a couple of waves caught me (!!), so I was able to experience the sensation of riding a wave. WOW!

S & R in the water.JPG.jpg

I did, indeed, huck those ancient stones (toppling instantly from my precarious perch). I so love to look cool! ;-)

Moreso, however, I just learned to appreciate water, especially water in the form of the sea. Its potential as metaphor, and its sheer physical power. I wrote about surfing as an example for my students' introductory assignment: writing about something exciting that they have just recently learned. I'm pleased with the strategy - what tremendous diversity has been introduced into the class as foundation!

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