eugenics (sneak attack?)

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"We would really like to speak to
somebody who feels they would
choose the deaf embryo given the choice, and
give them a chance to explain their reasons for doing so."

A Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill is up for debate and passage in the United Kingdom which uses language about in vitro fertilisation (IVF) in which, critics charge, "a deaf person or embryo with the genes for deafness does not have equal status ('must not be preferred’) to a person without the genes for deafness."

The specific wording at question is in Clause 14 (linked above), and - extremely alarming if you think Deaf people have as much a right "to be" as any other human being - "a number of commentary notes and ‘consultation’ documents that indicate Deaf people are being used as an example of what this amendment would entail in practice."

Filmmakers are now working on a documentary on "the issues arising" from this Clause. (The documentary will presumably include concerns of other communities, for instance those considered with the categoraization and treatment of gender related abnormalities.) Kate of Popkorn offers to interested parties in the U.S. and U.K. an open invitation to comment or participate in the documentary. She does say that in the current version, "Deafness would be included as an ‘abnormality’, therefore any parents would be forced to choose embryos with hearing genes as opposed to those with deaf genes. This is further elaborated upon in the official explanatory notes of the bill…"

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