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March 23, 2007

"Do you still know who you are?"

Strong Little Bridge teased me last month when I was off the blog for several days. I actually found it easy to stop blogging - other activities quickly fill the timespace. Imagine - sometimes "real life" outweighs asynchronicity! :-)

Several validations recently: a person nearly fifteen years younger than me telling me how much I have matured (!), another friend saying I'm much more steady. My massage therapist, commenting that my cerebrospinal fluid pulse is "surprisingly even." (Ruth, of course, laughed hilariously when I told her - who wouldn't be surprised if I was actually "even"?!)

Has Reflexivity served it's purpose? I've been imagining an expansion for awhile. There have been various conversations with friends and colleagues and other activists floating around here-n-there for ages...

I don't foresee changing my own mode of contribution all that much: I am still interested in many things, the usefulness of the blog as a research tool and memory archive still intrigues me - particularly the capacity for friends and strangers to track the development of my consciousness along with me, and the ability to concentrate conversations on particular topics and be able to recover them easily, publicly, are features I value.

I guess we'll see what transpires. :-)

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