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January 29, 2007

some ASL websites

John's doing a load of instruction online these days, check out these ASL 1 samples.

Benjamin forwarded this info on Deaf video: the street finds its own uses (again) along with more discussion here.

There are loads of links at the first site above, and more if one keeps scrolling through the comments (an interesting discussion - the only objection I've had so far is the post about written forms of ASL and comparing it to the Chinese ideograph system...need to think on why this bothers me - stereotypes both ways? about ASL, and about Chinese?

CecilyS (msg #9) posted two links, one for and another for a Deaf blogger, ridor9th (writing in English). My friend (btw!) Amanda reviews books and movies. She also sent a link about the Power of Media for the Deaf in Finnish Sign Language with English subtitles.

There's much to investigate here (some rainy day?).... Def/Deaf Poetry, a wikisite and corporate site on sign-writing (apparently not originating from within the Deaf community; seems different from the system that friends of Steve Nover were working on some years back), and the gamble by "Making Light" to categorize Deaf videos by key without knowing the language also intrigues me.

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