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November 23, 2006

National Day of Mourning

While most Americans will engage in some form of gluttony today, it is an Unhappy day for American Indians. Jesus Evil Kachina distributed this article, which refers to the National Day of Mourning. Here is a history of the so-called first thanksgiving, summarizing competing claims: those of the "victors" and those of the "vanquished." As with many internet sources (noted as a caution to students), the statement is not properly supported with references (I believe they do exist; ideally they would be included for verification and crossreferencing).

One of the most stupid, insensitive, and embarrasing things I've ever done was give Jesus Evil Kachina a thanksgiving card (nearly 20 years ago) which said something to the effect of white people giving thanks for one reason and "indians giving thanks that europeans didn't come with tactical nuclear weapons." The sentiment tickled my dark sense of humor, but how painful must it have been to an Apache?

Meanwhile, for the past several years, I have been attending university in the town of Amherst, MA, which is named after "Lord Jeff, who was an early pioneer in biological warfare.

I don't advocate that non-Indian Americans feel guilty for the privileges we have (guilt is a selfish emotion), rather that we recognize the price paid for what has become our inheritance. The town of Plymouth has erected a small monument as part of their efforts at redress. The 37th annual Day of Mourning begins at noon, again calling for the release of political prisoner, Leonard Peltier.

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