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August 21, 2006

What Trees Dream of

This one thinks, let me be the slender bow
of the violin. Another, the body of the instrument,
burnished, the color of amber.

One imagines life as a narrow boat
crossing water,
a light mist of salt on the prow.

And still another – planed down to planks,
then hammered into shelter
toices vibrating through the rafters.

We do not notice their pleasure,
the slight hum of the banister
beneath our palms,

The satisfaction of the desk
as we tap our pens, impatiently,
upon its weathered surface.

They have ferried us
across rough seas
to lands that smelled of cinnamon

housed our senators,
who pace the creaky floors, debating,
carried arrowheads to pierce our enemies.

We have boiled their pulp, pressed it
into thin, white sheets of paper
on which we describe all of the above in great detail.

And when we die
they hold our empty forms
in bare cedar

until the moment – and how they long for this,
when we meet again in the blackened soil
and they take us back

in their embrace, carry us
up the length of their bodies
into the glittery, trembling movement of the leaves.

Danusha Laméris
Atlanta Review: Istanbul and beyond…
Turkish Poetry (2006, p. 18-19)

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