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March 26, 2006

"Stuff Happens" - like Vendettas?

My main exposure to theatre is from running the lights for a few high school plays and musicals. This one is priced out of my league, but sure sounds intriguing, at least as described in this NY Times review.

The playwright, David Hare, says, "How powerless intelligence is against cunning really is one of the themes of the play." Which reminds of V for Vendetta, the movie adaptation of which I saw - and very much enjoyed - with Viera and her son last night. In it, cunning based on raw political power meets cunning of a more intuitive sort: "There are no coincidences," asserts V.

I am no doubt attracted as well to the revolutionary message of resisting corrupt and/or oppressive government, and appreciate the mediated re-creation of The Gunpowder Plot as an homage to the idealism of Guy Fawkes rather than ideological patriotism of saving the King.

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