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March 20, 2006

"A New Hope"

It's hard to imagine there's a person with any access to media who hasn't seen the original Star Wars movie, Episode IV, A New Hope, released (ohmygosh) in 1977 (six technical Oscars). I saw it in the theatre six times. The only other movie I've seen so many times is Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Its reviews are awful, but the album by The Beatles "is often cited as the most influential rock album of all time," according to Wikipedia.

Those two movies pretty much sum up my 9th grade year in Florida, except for playing soccer (goalie - "you can't be stupid...but perhaps you must be a little crazy"), and personal encounters with pervasive racism. I wish I could say I found respite in someone besides the Bee Gees but...that's not the way it happened. :-/

(Wow, that was a tangent!)

Just-in-Time, in fact, never had seen ANH but somehow managed to enjoy it despite the occasional admonition to visualize the size of the Imperial Cruiser on the big screen and "imagine the sound coming from all around you." Not to mention enduring gasps of glee, outbursts of recognition, and various and sundry triggered tales associated with our first viewings.

We spent the rest of the weekend eating (I think I gained three pounds), and checking out Mei Mei the travel cat, who appears no worse for the wear.

For the record, I was only accused of being inspired by The Force once.

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