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March 16, 2006

"blog fodder"

Dan's on to me. "You don't come to bowl, you just come to collect stories for your blog!" Then he went on to set a personal best. He continued by speculating that blogs are the trainspotting of the decade, with someone checking in on how Anuj does every week. (He's been doing better and better! Not only at bowling: check out his latest minute of fame! He's way high on the cool factor too.) Turkish did not repeat her record performance from last week. Alas. LB couldn't hit a spare to save his life but did still win a game or two, much to the dismay of the brothers who felt the need to record one of his lowest scores ever.
Not that there's any rivalry beyond outright sabotage.

This week's variation included speed bowling on two lanes, culminating in Lava's two-handed double bowl. ("Not worth it," he muttered to me and Zeynep, wringing out his left wrist. I was impressed both his balls actually stayed in their respective lanes!) There was some confusion in the rush to manage turns on two lanes, and Anuj killed one of Luscious' strikes getting only "1" before anyone realized it was not his turn! (Then he went on to roll his own strike. hmmmmm.)

Luscious decided it is NOT the second game but the third game that is the best. (For Luscious this week, it was almost "no game" until Come Back Time in the 4th game when he went from a 30 in the 7th frame to nearly 100.)

My blognotes came through unscathed this week, although there were spies and an issue with boogers. There's something quite charming about the individual strike swaggers, as well as the expressions of disdain when all the pins don't fall. Alex put it into words: "It's rare for me to actually hit the spot I'm aiming for but when I do...? I really don't understand this game." The other memorable quote of the evening?

"What if my girlfriend comes and smells beer in my shoe?"

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