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March 14, 2006

Zeynep! Zeynep!

Will we have a repeat? Last week's record 153* (frantically tied by LB as he desperately sought to stave off this dark horse competitor) was roundly cheered by all. The regulars were all there (not the full extended crowd), mixing it up on Goth night - shifted from the dance club across the way because of a competing event. I truly thought I'd jumped dimensions when I walked in to the black lights, strobes, and fashion nightmares (and you think I dress poorly?!?): "It is still Tuesday, right?" I confirmed with the staff. A couple of times. :-)

It was a busy night, what with the main event being supplemented with collaborative art night, and the live dj rolling tunes about cats that seriously distracted the boys. There was a dark corner that kept trapping LB (the 7 pin) and Lava (the 10). Anuj got (what I thought was his first) double, and also "got shot", spilling wine on his previously bright white t-shirt. After the art work on it was complete, he was adorned with a lacey bra, a peace symbol, a wine bottle and glass, and a naked woman. (Doesn't he just wish?!)

Luscious says "the second game is the best" - LB hit a 161, if the notes are not mistaken. (There was no attempt at graffiti this week, although "Dinky" a.k.a. Bowler K.A. Master did sign an informed consent form...)

btw - if you missed the birthday boy's night, check out the balloon-sporting gang at Anuj's blog.

*The scores are Luscious 104; Lava 130; Anuj 111; Raz 153; and Zeynep 153!!!!!

Posted by Steph at March 14, 2006 8:54 AM


Hi Steph,

Hope you are doing good. Nice cartoon. Kinda similar to many situations I like to put myself in;)

How is life? You have been ignoring me very conveniently recently...hope you understand I can pin you down easily:)
Stay well and write sometime


Posted by: ila at March 14, 2006 1:55 PM

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