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March 2, 2006

"Where is the love?"

Now we're starting to get somewhere! Amanda and Chantel gave me a boatload of grief for taking so long to learn their names. Rich and I mudwrestled our way through a series of generalizations and imprecise language to a driving metaphor (his) about politics: the right and left wings are like the right and left tires keeping a car going in one direction. What was Adam's quip about the motorcycle? :-)

I want to clarify the concept of canalization, which is a broader term that can be used in many situations, not only technically in advertising (as I said in class): in general, it is management through specified channels of communication. My second thoughts on Rich's driving metaphor are still that "canalization" is not exactly what the political extremes "do" (their large scale function)in their interaction with each other. If my own thinking is clear, canalization refers to situations where communication (language, media) is used to deepen values or attitudes, whereas the notion of tires bounding or directing the "steering" is more a matter (function) of containment.

Meanwhile, Kirk has Carey's definition of communication down. :-) This essay compares and contrasts Carey's definition with that of Stuart Hall.

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