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February 26, 2006


That's how I felt about Match Point, Woody Allen's latest (and by some accounts, best) film. It's message? There is no meaning; everything comes down to luck. The protagonist is never happy, despite the stream of "good" and "bad luck" that happens to him. Even when he taunts it, it goes his way, despite his Dostoevskiesque maunderings. Ultimately, Chris performs with seemingly extreme rationality to maximize his agency. Yet one must wonder, since he never rejects an offer of apparent good luck, if he's not in thrall to some deeply-ingrained suspicion or fear that ultimately rules his every "choice". Does it come down to the difference between love and lust or is that merely another rationalization to justify his violent resolution of good luck gone bad?

Allen is sanguine about the role of luck in the making of the film:

"Woody on luck: The entire film was permeated with luck. The film is about luck and the film is permeated with good luck, that it came through in London, that the weather was good every time I needed something. I got lucky with the actors and actresses in the film. The film came out pretty well I thought and I'm usually a harsh critic of my films. This one I felt positive about."

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