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February 25, 2006


I enjoyed TransAmerica with friends at the Pleasant St. Theatre last night. We had alternative opinions about its smooth resolution. Was it just a typical Hollywood happy ending? Did it resolve too quickly, too painlessly, the awkwardness of a son trying to seduce the only person who's been consistently kind to him - who he doesn't know is a biological parent? I was impressed by the clean, clear and morally unhesitating response of the parent, who is instantly all too aware of the horrible reality her son will now face: "I don't want it. I don't want to like it. I don't want it at all."

My buddy asked me if my family was that entertaining. Don't I wish! :-/ Searing honesty about mutual disappointments could have made caricatures out of them all (mom/grandmother is a bit over the top), but in the end there is a bond that supercedes mistakes and character flaws.

Posted by Steph at February 25, 2006 11:55 AM


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