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February 24, 2006


Squeeze number three. But today someone mentioned an alternative screening possibility, so I checked it out with the radiation tech. Lisa hadn't heard of it...thermasomething, but she did say ultrasound is used at a certain point to determine if a lump is cystic (has fluid) or solid (biopsy time). A lot of stuff is being done with MRI technology now, but nothing new in this arena. The most interesting part of the conversation (I thought) was comparing European and US research. We both had the sense of the Europeans being much more broadly interested and even experimental with a wider range of concern while the US is more invested in high-profile crisis research.

The other point had to do with the doses of radiation used these days compared with the old days. I did ask (according to my rights, posted on the wall) for the exact dosage.... it's calculated in millirems and she cited some comparitives to emphasize the minimal risk involved. It reminded me of concerns someone had at some point when I was a kid with all kinds of dental work being done and a few concussions....that we needed to be careful of the number of xrays I had. Lisa said dentists used to use very high dosages (apparently not so anymore). At any rate, I wondered - is that what happened to my memory? Some of my synapses got fried or otherwise 'mis'configured? :-) That would explain a lot...

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