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February 22, 2006

no vanity here!

It was some kind of bowling night. Not only did we have to wait forever to get a lane, but only two (2) people broke into triple digits! Well, unless you count Anuj, a.k.a. Robin Hood, who bowled a perfect 100 in his last game.

For some reason, tonight was the night I finally remembered to take the informed consent forms. Since we weren't bowling (!), everyone had plenty of time to dispute my intentions. LB did his level best to dissuade folks from giving permission of any kind...I don't know if the fact that most everyone did sign a form means I have a higher trust factor than he does? ;-)

We did a tandom note-taking process. I like it. I leave my notes out where folks can see and add to them. There was only one addition - in addition to whomever folded the notes into a paper airplane, - an arrow from "Lava" (who loves his King and described his game as "a dog day for bowling") to "asexual reproduction", which was the conversation I had with Alenka (a plant biologist) about parallels concerning the way pollen tubes grow through elongation of one cell rather than cell division. I likened it to the process of a person without a partner seeking to extend their morality into the world.

Meanwhile, Jake the Anarchist refused to sign a form, taking his chances with my interpretation without constraints. Welcome to the real world! It's an on-going puzzle: who's reachable and who isn't, by whom, when, where, and how. [Reprise: Speaking of the real world, I'm teasing my friend about his non-political stance in the world but actually things appear a bit grim in his home country. Me, the naive American, didn't have a clue. :-(]

David of the exotic name (from Spain) is working on environmental engineering concerning water but can't do a dang thing about droughts. He did pick up a strike in his second attempt at bowling ever and I think we need to watch out for him. Then there's "Paul" - who had Big Concerns about his bowling performance but not so many about his pool game. After he whipped me and JIT he decided I could use his real name. Ha! As if! ;-)

We did have a conversation about amperes being just a part of the equation that produces watts. I thought I understood it at the time but I'm not sure it stuck. He also told me Newton and Einstein are actually not in conflict.

Zeynep entered the competition for most frames in the single digits but needs to do better to beat the all-time high of seven. Right after she accused me of beating her "by 100" she threw a strike, although maybe that was becuase she'd just had her arm shortened? "Sara" got the girls going on this - I thought it was a het thing at first, but my arm shortened too with vigorous elbow-rubbing. Then she got the guys involved, but it didn't seem to have quite the same effect.

There was a bit of a concern that I might "go crazy now" that I had official consent from folks. (Shhh, I'm gonna string 'em on a while longer!)

Luscious Larry was not on tonight. It's bound to hit everyone at some point. Juan couldn't integrate the info about the informed consent form but he did arrive long after the melee in which my character was dissected and my aim questioned. "Amy is dangerous?" Juan missed the consultation with advisors and requested a special meeting. In the meantime, LB scored a 144 and then a 162, decimating "the professionals" who he said "can take it." I missed some high fives after a lone strike and caught some flack for waiting on the green, 11 lb. ball. Fine then! That 10 lb orange got me another strike!

I didn't stick with it, but maybe that's something to consider for next week...

Posted by Steph at February 22, 2006 12:59 AM

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