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January 27, 2006

literary wisdom = " Try good manners."

There's a lot of good (sad/inspirational) stuff in Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, especially as "performed" in the audiobook read by Judith Ivey.

Sprinkled with quotes of others' wisdom, such as St. Teresa: Saint Theresa said, "...words lead to deeds...They prepare the soul, make it ready, and move it to tenderness"; and Thomas Merton: ""We must make the choices that enable us to fulfill the deepest capacities of our real selves” (not the one quoted, but I like it anyway). The one referenced had something to do with civil war, and reflections of the character Siddalee on her own internal "civil war" between her "white mother" and the "black one" - something about the fear of being held in want of familiar love vs the fear of running through the fog searching for love...

Penned by Rebecca Wells, the author, herself (loosely transcribed):

"The love we most cherish will, of necessity, bring us pain [like] the setting of a body with broken bones."

"Can I soften to love with full knowledge of the suffering I welcome in?"

"No one knows how to love," says Siddalee's mother, Vivi, "Try good manners."

"It's life, you don't figure it out, you crawl up onto its back and ride it for all it's worth." (emphasis added)

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