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January 19, 2006

perking up!

Sam's doing much better - out of pain, not on pain meds, responsive and interactive with me this evening. ;-) He loves the love coming from everyone - especially his Brazilian family, and good friends from SIT, not to mention those old college buddies. We talked a bit about his state of mind, and I'm pleased to report he's still set on living. :-)

Big grins at some of these: As I've Matured. Another of the biggest grins was when I explained to Paul the Proposer that it took me 20 minutes to figure out Sam wanted the oxygen mask off. We're all (I guess?) practicing transmuting frustration to patience and humor.

Sam seems to want to be listening to music much of the time. We listened to Josh Groban (I didn't cry until Vincent (Starry Starry Night, sigh - I'm such a sop!) and Johnny Adams. Sam also is really into touch, so if you can hold his hand he'll be happy. Giving squeezes for yes is also one of his main modes of communicating now. Sometimes he winks but these are occasionally hard to distinguish from regular blinking. Other times he actually nods or shakes his head. Some of the cues are so subtle as to be almost invisible, but if you confirm them you're good.

Want to know what made Sam laugh out loud? What to do when the neighbor's music is too loud.

His lovely yellow carnations from Christine are still going strong; and he enjoyed his visit with Pat immensely. With all of my inadequate psychic skills, I think Sam says, "Keep it coming!" :-)

Posted by Steph at January 19, 2006 7:13 PM


I am here with Sam now on this mild Saturday afternoon. Sam is now napping and seems cognizant of what's going on around him but not interacting aside from a smile at appropriate times and a squeeze of the hand now and then. The nurses and aides are taking such great care of him. They kiss and hug him and tell him constantly that they love him and genuinely mean it. Eden Park has surpassed any doubts that I might have had about institutional care and I love that there is a constant stream of dogs visiting as well.
Yesterday Sam went to Brattleboro Memorial Hospital for an xray which showed everything clear! I have had time to really peak into other residents rooms here and by far Sam's is the homiest. His collection of artwork is eclectic and personal. He has lots of pictures of family and friends which are his extended family on his "rogue's gallery". His guest book is filled with daily visitors and Tom and Lou win the prize of most frequented guests! Sam's yellow roses are still vibrant as well as Tom and Lou's roses from Christine. Whoops Sam's awake gotta go!
Ta ta, Lee Neary Anselmo

Posted by: Sam at January 21, 2006 2:15 PM

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