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January 18, 2006

sitting vigil with the buddha

Spent several hours yesterday afternoon/evening sitting with Sam, the "Buddha" as he's known among the nursing staff. His energy was lower in the afternoon, and I admit, I was shy to push him too much. Then Lou and Tom arrived and that was the end of that! Wine (not for Sam, yet - he got ice cream), Andrew Lloyd Webber, jokes from Jennifer....more ugly jokes about Sam too. :-) But Lou says Sam's looking better, even though he has a bit of edema especially in his left arm.

I've heard references to Sam's picture with Einstein before....I guess Tom took the actual photo of Sam standing next to a bust in DC. Does someone have this picture? I'm sure there must have been some surrounding context that makes this story such a repeater. Lou said Sam's pulse was steady and a bit slower than the previous day, so his heart's not working quite as hard as it was when he still had a fever. No fever now. But he slept alot, Tom stayed through a chunk of the afternoon, and two Pauls came by in the evening: Sam's longterm pal & neighbor Paul, and the recently engaged Paul. A festive mood filled the room. :-)

Posted by Steph at January 18, 2006 10:04 AM


Thank you Steph for your reports about Sam's health . Just today I could read them and got a little bit sad to know he's not so well. If he will be alert any time, please send our love to him (from his Brazilian family)and tell him we are praying for him. Tell him also that we have wonderful memories of all the time he spent with us in Brazil and that Fernando always remembers his time at his house in Putney.He is really a special friend and a great human being, we thank God for his life and his love for us. Please keep going on sending us news, we want to keep in touch as it is the only way to feel ourselves still part of Sam's life.
Yours sincerly
Lisa and family

Posted by: Lisa Vecchiatti at January 19, 2006 8:46 AM

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