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January 14, 2006

spate of movies

Haven't blogged about all the movies I've seen lately but it's been a nice run. Following are brief comments and links to reviews of Glory Road, Casanova, The Producers, and Syriana.

Last night, Glory Road, which kept me tense throughout and left a very warm feeling. It does what it's supposed to - unadulturated inspiration. It received a significant round of applause from the audience - do stay through the credits, as there are excerpts of interviews with the real people.

Casanova is much more lighthearted, although I did lean over to LB at one point about a third of the way through and say something about it not being too comic at that point (I can't recall if it was the sexism or the commentary on bad/failed relationships). Then it shifted and generated quite a few laughs.

Funniest of the movies I've seen recently is The Producers. It combines slapstick and camp to ridicule the worst extremes of xenophobic superiorities.

Syriana, on the other hand, has practically no humor. The NY Times review argues that the five main characters "add up to a sort of composite hero, though their heroism, collective and individual, is highly ambiguous. Not one of them is in possession of a clear conscience or a singular motive, and not one of them fully claims the audience's sympathy. Greed and ambition sometimes coincide with idealism, and self-interest shades into scruple."

Sounds like most of the people I know :-/

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