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January 8, 2006

"There ain't no reins on this one."

Brokeback Mountain lives up to the hype.

I did think there was a bit of a parallel between Ennis (who holds it together despite immense pain) and the FP, and me and Jack (who can't quite reconcile reality with desire).

Saw it in good company - three young (apparently heterosexual!?) men. Afterwards, we (sans one) discussed

potential historical impact (a classic in the field of queer studies),

vestiges of homophobia (discomfort with the necking),

the difference between sex (do-able "even with chickens") and the emotional warmth of relational bonding,

and how tightly it's made - not a single scene too long or extraneous.

I did find a negative review on Salon.com but couldn't get myself around to the critic's point-of-view. She felt the movie failed to depict the moments of emotional bonding between the two men that enabled their continuing connection. There is a leap of faith one must take, I suppose, to believe that physical desire in and of itself can carry a relationship. There's something more than that, though, in the dialogues between Ennis and Jack. Their conversation is as spare as the chances of a long and happy life together. Yet, they argue, disagree, and complain like any couple. Those moments of tension are well-balanced by long quiet moments just being together.


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