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January 6, 2006

fatal deletion

I made a careless error the other night, a combo of fatigue and trying to hurry. This rushing thing is more and more in my face as an issue. :-/

I've tried to turn OFF the stupid trackback feature a number of times but it doesn't seem to stick, so I'm in a constant deletion battle with them. somehow, I'd flipped to the comment page and didn't realize it until I'd mechanically checked, deleted, and confirmed the delete of 20 comments spanning a three week period (17 December 2005 to 3 January 2006). I only had two backed up per someone's advice to another poor sucker.

I did have the backed-up page of the log in Movable Type where one does the deletions, so I copied that into a Word doc. At least it retains a vestige of the record. Summarized briefly here:

Two from Christi: 1) “I had tried to remember to talk to you about dad’s accident" She and the boys drove past the accident not knowing it was dad....got his cell phone call and returned... 2) something about the queasiness some of us feel in response to physical injuries. Alec had cut his thumb while I was there, and I recounted the story of fainting in the ER after getting someone with an eye injury there.

Two from Ila, 1) “Hey Steph, I found that pin thing" which she'd promptly lost as soon as we got them at the botanical gardens and 2) “I am here. We did not complete the conversation" that we'd started about independence, intersubjectivity, and responsibility.

Carole“C’mon, you and Rockwell Kent ain’t related" and some other outrageous stuff as is her wont. !

Two from museumfreak, 1) “dude, I do that with LJ people – what you said about people in NY" and 2) something about when we're gonna get together with her trademark affection "honey" :-)

Several from me responding to the above.

Burckhard's critique of the first draft of my findings (Originally posted 2006-01-03 11:30:18. This is one I had in backup, plus my response.)

And there was one kinda sad, newsy one from Jennifer about Sam. And a memory from Harold Van Valin. :-(

Elizabeth kindly reposted about the Winter Solstice. Lost forever probably is the one from a "Jeff" about the surveillance of libraries to which I responded. (The story I posted about that inspired Jeff's comment turned out to be a hoax, after all). Which reminds that Donna had commented as well. sigh - forever lost to emptied space.

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