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December 23, 2005

making momo's

We made momo's at Lava's for hours last night, sipping beverages and chatting up a storm. P.D. and I talked blogging, who does one write about, how? He knew of some scene in NY where people would attend parties and then check each other's blogs the next day to see what had been written. I would enjoy something like that ... but why? I've been thinking about a comment someone recently made to the effect that being written about feels dehumanizing. I can imagine that. :-(

Sometimes when I'm writing I think of myself as a collector. Collecting experience, memories, connections. I like the idea of being a node through whom others can also maintain connection. It's not clear that many people consider reflexivity as a blog in this way, but it has always been my dream that what gets generated here becomes a kind of a 'community resource'. In the past couple of weeks, another reason for the way I blog has clarified itself for me: as social infrastructure.

Writing on the blog makes me visible and accountable to others, and, to the extent folks let me know they read, it anchors me in a way I need. Most people (should I say, most normal people?!) get their anchoring (social/emotional support) from family and friends. I do too, and - segregation by context or purview somehow isn't enough. I desire more continuity. Hence, this construction project. :-)

Meanwhile, I had Too Much Fun last night and had to bolt out so I could crash in bed. I accidentally 'crashed' a couple trash cans en route. oops No comments! I woke up the wee-est bit woozy and have moved slowly all day. Nonetheless, everything that needed to get done got done and I'm thrilled to have been able to end the semester on such a high note with wonderful, warm, funny, and musical people. Imagine!

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