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November 7, 2005

Whatcha watchin', Steve?

:-) That was one of my favorite moments, but there were many on the flight from Boston to Salt Lake City. Our conversation was as wide-ranging as I imagine possible among strangers: Steve, the (touche!) “soft” scientist (organic chemistry), me the (accused!) “pseudo” scientist (communication, Note: the link is to Miami University, I attend UMass-Amherst), and Joanne the dream interpreter, Note: she said she attend "the spiritual institute" in NH but I can't locate a website. Eclectic, yet connected. I did some prepatory reading for Public Speaking while the two of them watched The Island. Plausible, apparently, to the point of being scary. About money, corruption, and real science (as opposed to the un-real kind, grin).

I rambled on about communication metaphors, quantum dualities, the uncertainty principle and neurochemistry while Steve explained some of his work with light on carbon molecules. “We’ve got black and white figured out, but not the chemistry of color.” He explained how we see things in reverse, not just inverted (like a mirror), but actually we see white because the object reflecting the light is completely black – it accepts nothing. Joanne knew about Messages from Water, I saw some of these photos on exhibit in an t-station somewhere...somewhen.

Told stories on my mom (knocking ‘em dead at 73!) They told stories too . . . “if you can remember the ‘60s, then you weren’t there!” I was too widdle to remember much. :-)

The most extreme incident was letting Joanne pray for me (!) and my loved ones’ hearts to heal. I confess, no one has done that in my presence since my Nazarene days (practically ancient history). It was sweet though, as genuine as those gestures come. The ease with which it happened confirmed the amount of healing already accomplished.

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